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Originally Posted by Bean Counter View Post
for a really good non-mech keyboard you should look at the Saitek Eclipse II. It's on for $51.87 right now at I've had mine for around 5 years and it's still as good as when I got it. I have several keyboards in all price ranges but use my Saitek strictly for gaming and I do a lot of gaming...FPS. You've got 3 key, blue & a bright purple\lilac.
just rma'd a saitek eclipse lite or something, it was terrible plus it didnt work at all and their drivers are brutal. my brother has an eclipse 2 and loves it but i dont think its for me.

Originally Posted by Adzsask View Post
I was set against a mech board for many many years, finally went out and snagged a brown switched coolermaster storm quickfire pro. Now , I am almost pained to do more then a few key strokes on my good friends razer lycosa. Tried out a few other mech switches(black was to loud, didn't like the feel of blue, and didn't like reds) and fell head over heels for my browns after i learned to only press the keys half way down.(bumping)
Originally Posted by JoelPack View Post
I am a really big fan of what Cooler Master has been doing with their keyboards, they have a model for almost every budget, so I would recommend you check them out. In particular, I'd recommend the CM Storm Trigger in Cherry Brown, but CM offers it in almost every switch color (including green). Here's a dandy link to their store:

CM Store - Gaming Keyboards

I'd recommend it over the CM Quickfire Pro, simply because it just has more features and your budget is $130. The Trigger is the best offering CM has right now and it's on par with the BlackWidow and K90 / M90, but it's typically cheaper to buy. You can get it for as low as $100 if you can find it on sale, but it's about $120 regular.

If you don't mind spending a little more, I would recommend the Logitech G710+ over everything else. It's the best mechanical KB on the market right now in my opinion. It's $160 regular but you get pretty much every feature you could ever want on a KB. The only thing it's missing versus what membrane KBs have been offering is a screen integrated with the KB, but that's the only thing it's missing.

For the record, I own the Trigger and G710+, both are amazing keyboards.
thanks guys ill check out the cms.
@joelpack have you had problems with any of the leds on the logitech board? i was set to pick this one up then heard about all the troubles people are having with the leds not working after just a couple days.
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