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Default Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 keeps dropping HDD

so I have a 990XA-UD3 system setup with a fx-8320, a samsung 830, and 2 seagate 2tb HDDs.

its been running smoothly for about 2.5 weeks. today, it started dropping one of the hard drives. I've managed to get it to drop for a second time when saving dxtory files to it; that's the only time the drive gets written to/read from.

as a note, i do not believe I installed the mobo's achi drivers. on intel systems, I preferred to use MS achi drivers based on a recommendation for stability. is this not applicable for amd systems?

do you think this is a problem with the drive itself or with the motherboard?


NOTE: by 'dropping,' i mean it crashes the program using the drive and it disappears from windows explorer and the partition utility in win7. on one occasion, it disappeared entirely from bios.

also, this issue seems to have affected the boot sequence off my SSD (it just goes alot slower and freezes at certain point in the windows bootup animation).
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