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Originally Posted by Fingercramps View Post
Only reason I can see for myself to upgrade is the improved performance, and price difference. Though I don't really know just how much improvement you would get from Win8.
it's going to be different for everybody, I personally LOVE the improved file-transfer dialog and the task manager. They make diagnostic work a breeze (and let's be honest - it looks pretty cool; unlike fruity skeumorphic leather).

as well, I love pinning my 'feeds' apps to the side of the screen. having a live updating, 'low resource usage' app that doesn't clutter my taskbar/system tray is nice.

lastly, the photo app is great, it aggregates all my pictures from everywhere into one place (can't remember if dropbox is included, but i keep my photos with my 25GB skydrive anyways).

people like to think win8 is a 'do or die or die trying' situation. in reality, it's a OS upgrade; if it has benefits you want and it doesn't cost you too much time to modify your workflow, go for it. If it's too expensive in terms of effort, don't bother.
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