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i owned a razer bw ultimate when they first come out i got all gung hoe and bought one.

it was loud but i didnt care.. the keys wernt quite as smooth as i liked either the space bar ended up kinking and then i spilled a tad of fizzed over diet pepsi on it and it died.

couldnt find reciept couldnt rma. went back to logitech have had no issues with my membrain kbd since. tbh i cant remember a logitech product ive ever really had issues like that with. my g15 is at work now heck ive spilled like whole drinks on that thing 100x over. had a mx510 for like 10 years or more and its still going on a guest pc.

all my razer mice are dead or the rubber fell off or something i use my razerboomslang LE 2007 on my bench rig now cuz the rubber on the thumbs fell off. and my nagga double clicks so its in my desk and my DA3.5 sensor stoped so its in the dump.

not turning this into a fanboy fest just keep thinking to me when i pay 100+$ for something i dont want to have it break just after 2 year warranty is out which has happened with razer sofar 4x with me thats like 400ish $ i could have saved.

filco looks to be solid and they make kbds for gamers.

the Logitech 710 looks to be a great keyboard a bit pricey but if they put the same quality they put into other items ive bought from them it should last awhile not sure if i like that orange ring tho. i liked the thought of quite brown keys on that.

Steelseries seems to have a nice and yet again expensive ish keyboard but I've heard good things.

if i was to go expensive mech again Im going for something that i will have faith wont die in 1-2years on me i forgot to mention my razer bw ultimate leds were flickering and dieing as well about 10 in total were doing it i had to set them to pulse so they semi worked.

just sayin razer is cheapchit.
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