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Thanks for the suggestions...

But the 'completed' prices via eBay on the DDR RAM was a ~bit~ more than 'nada'... and the used prices on the OCZ is a ~bit~ low (especially considering a 'Lifetime Warranty' issue.

And I'll try to contribute more... though I'm trying to rebuild my desktop after donating much of its guts to my nieces and nephew after theirs choked and died (Mobo and PSU toast, some salvage otherwise)

When I tried to add to the initial 'System Build Help' post, the system ATE my post. Uness Admin or a first-time reader can repost it for me, I'm going to have to recompose it, and thats not going to be pleasant. And as I've got medical appointments Wednesday morn and mid-day Thursday, it may be Friday before I can recompile/edit and repost it.

I used to be a tech (late 80's - early 90's) but got medically retired, so now my tech-duties are:
  • my own systems, one being rebuilt now, the other a Samsung R780 laptop;
  • my father's desktop (an HP Pavilion a805n) and laptop (HP G62) as e-reader/portable mail station;
  • my bro-in-law's HP G62 and the neices/nephews' system (now rebuilt with my old desktop guts)
  • and any of my friends and neighbors who can afford my inexpensive services.
So I may not be able to provide ~too~ much tech assistance, or decent contributions, as my uses for the beasts are mail, text-chatting, and FPS gaming like Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfare 1 & 2 and similar games. One of the first games I played on my first PC in the 90's was MechWarrior... took me a while to learn the 'tricks' to get the besty mechs by the end of the game.

I'll contribute when/where I can, but I'm more knowledgable as a R/C modeler than a tech these days (tanks, boats and buggies, all electric, with a few unusual ones thrown in)

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