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My System Specs


Hello and welcome!
See our sticky on new PC building, as there's some info missing including budget, whether you want to overclock, what resolution your monitor will be, and what you will do with the computer: NOTICE - PC builders, when asking for input on YOUR projects Please Tell

Personally I don't trust those little generic guides and calculators that don't say where they're getting their data from. Although it takes more time, I look at PC parts review setups and the buyers' guides like those on Tom's Hardware where they build the computer and actually test the performance. That first "guide" you linked is just a joke - it looks a lot like boxed PCs, maybe that's why they're so unbalanced performance wise

Here's some stuff about your parts that you listed down:
Motherboards and CPUs: Every one of your motherboards is a Z77 board, so you'll only want one of those boards if want to use Intel's SSD caching technology or if you want to overclock. If the latter, then you need the overclockable 3570K or 3770K processor.
RAM: Really for an Intel build any DDR3-1600 8GB or higher kit will do, unless you need more RAM. Only heavy use of the integrated graphics (IGP) can be helped by getting RAM faster than DDR3-1600. To ensure compatibility you can verify that the RAM you're buying is on the motherboard's QVL list.
AnandTech - Memory Performance: 16GB DDR3-1333 to DDR3-2400 on Ivy Bridge IGP with G.Skill
Choosing the Best DDR3 SDRAM for Ivy Bridge - X-bit labs
Video card (aka GPU): If would be very hard for you to find a modern GPU that DOESN'T have DVI-D these days. This is where I can't give any advice because I don't know what you'll be doing with the computer.
I found the Toms Hardware "Best gaming CPU/GPU" for your money guide pretty good to see where everything's placed, and they have individual reviews to back what they say:,3107.html
If you don't game or do 3D / GPGPU work, then don't even bother buying a video card and hook your monitor to integrated graphics.
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