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Has anyone else found the glitch with enemy levels reverting back to 15 in the new Torgue DLC? I think I've narrowed down how it happened:

1. Started a new character because my other 2 were already 50s.
2. went directly to the DLC without completing the original main storyline.
3. finished the last story mission in the DLC with enemies at proper level (about 25) but still have the boss missions (lev 30) and repeating races (level 50 )available. At this point I leave the DLC area and continue main story missions to level my character to allow finishing DLC.
4. once I'm level 30 I return to DLC map and find the enemies are 14-16 again, (all completed mission status is the same, boss fight is still a level 30 ranked mission).

I think by not finishing the main storyline first it somehow confused the DLC. So a warning to new players, I'd suggest starting any of the DLC to do it on second playthrough before you're max level.

Too bad this will be lost on page 23 of this thread, I'd loved to know it ahead of time!
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