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Fwiw, I decided to upgrade from w7 to w8 Pro this past weekend. I wasn't planning on it but when I was in a local store and saw w8 being displayed on all their comps I was impressed. I also have a Windows Phone so was already familiar with the Metro UI. I do not own any computers with touch screens but now know it is not essential to enjoy the new o/s. A mouse with a scrollwheel works just fine sliding the tiles across the display. Honestly there isn't much gain going from w7 to w8. The o/s seems fresher since it's somewhat radically different to the uninitiated and there will be the potential for DX 11.x whenever some game is released supporting it. I first installed it on my newest laptop (Asus G74SX) without a hitch. I liked it so much I decided to buy another copy to throw on my main desktop. Also, the half-price offer until Jan 31 was enough incentive for me to jump in. Plus there's the limited-time free Media Center add-on to get. I figured if I didn't like Win 8 I'd buy them anyway for when the first service pack was released or some other opportunity arose to justify the upgrade. But no need to think about that now because I for one am happy with 8.

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M$ was...yet M$... M$ has ....
Seeing "M$" made me think I was reading a post from the late 1990's. Lol!
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