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Originally Posted by moocow View Post
I have zero experience with HD video editing but wouldn't those kind of software benefit from more cores and more RAM? If you only edit videos for fun, I think i5 should be enough. Also, have you tried order from their weekly sales and then pay them $50 to assemble instead? That's what I did for my friend and it's a bit more flexible then using their pre-build configuration. What is your budget?

I would change the following:

* Remove water cooling completely until you want to OC.
* Antec 1200 seem to be overkill
* Go up to 16 GB of RAM
* Go up to 240GB SSD if you can afford it
* Switch to Corsair 200R to save money? Not the best cooling case but you aren't running that many HDD.
I should have worded my original post differently. I am mostly going to be video editing for fun. For the most part, this will be for gaming. If I am going to be focused on gaming is 16GB really necessary? I will definitely look into the weekly sales.

Thanks for your input.
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