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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
Sound's cool. The LGA 2011 definitely is overkill lol. What have you estimated as total cost?

Personally, I'd get another WD Red and mirror it so you don't have to worry about loosing your data. But that's just how I roll.

Air or liquid?
Gonna be water cooling it, i'm most likely gonna get another WD Red Drive, only reason I'm using that drive is for the color scheme. LGA 2011 is overkill but i will be putting it to good use, plus I was kinda sad that no one has made an overkill rig in quite some time for the "Just cuz" factor. The estimated cost for the system itself is gonna cost about 3k-4k peripherals including new monitors, keyboard, mouse (I'm really sticking to the color scheme hence why so many new peripherals) it brings it to about 5k which is what i've saved for a long time for this very project. I'm hoping by the New Year I'll be able to complete everything else I have planned for it. (Pictures and the setup as a whole will be posted soon)
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