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Default New Build - Need Input

The system I am working on will be a Workstation/Gaming Rig (Basically a one size fits all type) I codenamed it "Overkill" Since it's exactly that. It's overkill, but I've never been one to go for good enough.


Case: HAF 932 Full Tower
MB: LGA 2011 ASUS Maximus V Extreme
GPU: x2 680s
CPU: 3930k (Decided not to do extreme edition for the simple fact there really isnt that much to gain for another 500 Dollars)
RAM: 64 Gigs of G.Skill Ripjaws
Storage: 512GB OCZ Vector SSD/ WD Red 2TB Drive
Sound Card: ASUS Xonar Essence STX

I'll add the peripherals later if requested. Anything you might want to add to this i'll take into consideration.
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