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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
It would have to be windows because of DX. If Direct X was not owned by Microsoft this world would be a bit better.

It is not easy to port games to Linux. That is why even Valve takes time to port. I can see Gabe wanting it to be Linux based but I couldn't see it sell well as there would be a very small selection of games. The reason why the Ouya has a chance is because it runs Android and already has a large selection of games.

Gabecube would have very little brand loyalty as I think most PC gamers wouldn't rush out to buy one.

Sidenote. I think HL3 will be released alongside the Gabecube. It makes sense. They are confirmed to be working on a new engine and said they were waiting for a title to release it. Well it makes sense to release it with the Gabecube and not on the PS3/360.
Gabecube. Bet you anything you'd probably get a promotion for that system name at valve.
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