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Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
It's more than that, better security, better network support, better everything. I don't understand why people are having such are hard time with this, win8 is win7 just upgraded and improved with an added mobile overlay that you can actually turn off. Just get win8, turn off the modern ui, and add the start menu if you really want it. Takes all of about 10 minutes one time when you first get the OS installed. If you don't like improvements, keep using inferior products, pretty simple. Just don't sit around claiming its the changes to the improved product that detracts you from buying as opposed to your inability to adjust or mold the new product to your needs. Hell, for a lot of people it just seems like it's straight fear.
As I stated it might just be me not being able to adjust to Win8 but I'll still most likely buy it and try it out until I know for sure.
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