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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Hooded View Post

Sesonic X Series 10 and 18 Pin to 24 pin heat shrinkless sleeve.
MDPC - Black
Darkside - Blue
My first ever heat shrinkless sleeving job.
Great Job Hooded looks awesome!

Originally Posted by lowfat View Post
There shouldn't be any heatshrink.

But it does look good for it being a pre-fabbed extension.
I agree with you Lowfat and mattlef heatshrinkless does look better than shrinked
I know I couldnt have made this cable and it look like it does
Daz asked me to take some pics of his sleeving and sent me that extension along with 16 other colours
I was surprised at the quality of the shrink work

Originally Posted by tethlah View Post
TBH I think perfect amount of shrink showing vs no shrink is all subjective. It's dependent on taste of the individual working the project. If that's what you are going for, congrats on reaching perfection!
Yes keep in mind this is a cropped pic,and probably appears larger than it really is
first pic gives the right scale of shrink shrink is 3/4 inch

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