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Even with the 3 games deal for the 7950, I feel like some of these benchmarks are really dragged out from specs to IRL situations, On the first page I really liked how the comparison was drawn out from their point of view really helped me from my choice, You guys got your self a new permanent member on canucks even tho im from the US :3

Seeing how the rendering process for the 660ti and the rates are alot better than the 7950 it pushed me with the 660 instead cause if it takes the 7950 longer then that means as it ages its gonna drop faster then the 660ti will.

SO the 2gb and the 3g only makes a difference in monitor resolution? I have a 1080p 24" HDTV Monitor , not the exact tv but simular - Samsung P2370HD 23" Widescreen HD LCD Monitor - 50,000:1(DC), 1920 x 1080, Built-in 1080p HDTV Tuner
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