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Default ST50F-P vs ST45SF-G for SG07

I'm FINALLY going to be putting in a GPU into my SG07 box. The PSU definitely needs to be replaced in the process though; having mATX length cables, and non-modular at that, is just a horrible idea in a mITX case.

I was initially looking at the ST45SF-G with the PP05 short-cable set*, but I heard quite a few complaints about the noise. Apparently they were overblown, but I can't imagine a 80mm fan being quieter than a 120mm fan. So, the ST50F-P seems like a better idea, and cheaper as well.

*the way everything is laid out, every power port is pretty much touching the PSU already. The stock ST45SF-G cables are just too long.

any reason why the ST50F-P would be a bad buy?
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