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I really feel that if AMD and ATI continue to focus on the mainstream and mid level areas they are going to take a significant portion of that money. Enthusiasts are not the people spending the most money. Considering that I believe the enthusiast market is only like 5-10% of the total market, it is easy to see why the mainstream buyers need to be wooed the most. ATI has done it in a very big way with their current releases. AMD just needs to concentrate on getting their platforms right. Right now, there are some major glaring flaws with many AMD motherboards. From poor design to poor implementation, AMD takes some body shots. AMD needs to make their board partners start building some real motherboards. Intel has made sure their reference designs and specs have been implemented well but this is where AMD continues to fall short. Phenom is not that big of a failure compared to the failure of motherboard builders properly building boards for them. AMD is deadset on buidling an entire platform and to that end they are doing a great job. They should not worry about Intel in the short term. They should just keep chugging along. I don't see them ever being pushed out of the market, Intel does not seem to be trying to push them out unlike Nvidia whose backwards approach is really biting them in the arse right now.

Any way you look at it, we consumers are the ones really winning right now with the crazy low prices. 2 years ago it took $2K+ to build even an entry level gaming PC. Now that can be done for much less than half that.
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