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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
Guys, please keep this discussion to the subject at hand.
SKY, when the user throws out a coment as such & factual proof shows these cpu's are NOT all that much hotter that "other said company's" im going to respond to such argument when its not realy the case. And respectfully I also think there coments where off topic & "advice" should have been placed otherware I am just respectfully showing my proof on such "claim" with no other reasons then that.

My shown temps are at my current 4.4 ghz clock .. i dont concider those temps "more heat" vs intel as someone states.

It's just ridiculous that anyone at this point in time of the technoligy would make some argument about 1 company's chips being hotter then the others. Especialy when you start oc'ing/overvolting cpu's in general.

I do plan on updating things when I scale it up more in speed, findings & report the results in this thread futher past just supporting your review further & informing those whom are interested in the cpu ... hopefully ... thank you.

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