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AFAIK it's pretty easy to port an OpenGL-based game over from Windows to Linux, certainly waaay easier than porting from PS3 to Windows, but we see tons of that anyways, don't we? WINE and assoc libs are at a point where a DX9 game can port pretty painlessly too. Note I said port by the developer, not run under emulation. I gather that not many game developers hang out on Hardware Canucks.

Gabe's also demo'd how OpenGL and DX9 games actually run much FASTER on Linux than Windows. Like seriously, significantly faster frame rates and quicker level load times for the same game on the same hardware. The most difficult part of Windows -> Linux ports seems to be installer/FSB issues, and Valve has that part turn-key this time around.

I'm expecting Valve to have many titles ready to go at launch date, probably more than most people expect. Should be interesting.
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