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My System Specs


Originally Posted by 69_Goat View Post
Hello HWC!
Second post here. Glad to see the level of participation in the Country Cup from you guys.

Gav, what voltages were you using for 134 ?

Bclk'ing requires extra CPU VTT, drop the multi and DRAM frequency, and get it cold if you can.
I think it was around 1.48-1.5, using ss phase. So cold; but not that cold lol.

Everything I've read seemed to say that most 2011 cpus could only do the 100 & 125mhz straps... few would boot at 166.

I pushed voltage on pretty much everything I could find that might help & had ram at 1333 14-14-14 or so. 34 was the lowest multi I could enter in bios, for the 134 on the 125mhz strap I used the asus oc key to adjust the multi in windows down to 16.

I plan on giving it another go in the next few weeks.
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