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Default Bios update help needed - Sapphire 6870

I've been trying to find the correct bios. There is a number of cards on the sapphire site but none seem to match up with my card completely. Was hoping someone could point me to the correct update.

Catalyst info about my card:

Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by AMD
Graphics Chipset AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
Device ID 6738
Vendor ID 1002
Subsystem ID 00D0
Subsystem Vendor ID 1002
Graphics Bus Capability PCI Express 2.0
Maximum Bus Setting PCI Express 2.0 x16
BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number 113-C2220100-104
BIOS Date 2010/10/04
Memory Size 1024 MB
Memory Type GDDR5
Core Clock in MHz 900 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 1050 MHz
Total Memory Bandwidth in GByte/s 134.4 GByte/s

Box info:
Sku# 21179-00-40r
PN# 102-C22201-01-AT
2xMini Display, 2 DVI, 1 HDMI

AFAIK the bios is still the stock bios. As its a number of years old now it wouldn't hurt to pop the final version of the bios to the card.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks folks.
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