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My System Specs


Yeah I loaded this game up the other night...brings my Rig to its knees with everything cranked @ 2560 x 1440.......hhhmmmmm...latest nv Beta Driver, 980X @ 4.2 Ghz, 12Gb Dominators dual GTX 580 Classy Ultras. Solution was to turn off MSAA altogether and then seem to get 50 - 65 FPS.
Going with SOAA (think thats what it is called ?).
Anyhow, reminds of when I played Witcher 2, with Super Sampling "on" it was barely playable with FPS frequently dipping to 30 35 FPS, played that title with Super Sampling off.
Disappointed to say that least that a game could bring my set-up to its knees so easily. Anyhow, busy with some other games, hopefully future Drivers will help, if not I gues I have to do some research to see what the optimal settings should be....(shvt, new Processor, Mobo, RAM and Dual 680's already?!)

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