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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Yes...... ;)

It could be any number of things whether it's voltages, or a multi/frequency that's beyond what your current setup will allow (mem/cpu/motherboard/chipset/etc.....) , but basically it's telling you that the OC isn't stable.

Are you taking the OC up slowly or did you pick a goal and attempt to set it? I normally pick a mid level OC that I know should be easy to attain and then once I assure myself that it's stable at that level I start bumping up slowly.
I started my values slowly. I started at default (34 multiplier, 1.100 voltage), and slowly increased my multiplier. When my multiplier was at 41, Prime95 started to give me the Fatal Error so I increased my voltage to 1.105. Should I try increasing my voltage to 1.110, or would that be too large of a jump?

Originally Posted by sf101 View Post
usually when i get rounding error its a mem problem bump the voltage on that mem to 1.65v
while your at it bump your cpu voltage to 1.25 just to make sure.
Is 1.25 too high for a 3575K?

My RAM says it should be using a voltage of 1.5. As I am not overclocking my RAM, shouldn't I just leave it at 1.5? If I am having a RAM problem, shouldn't it be detected in MemTest86+? I ran MemTest86+ for 12 hours with 6 passes and it was fine.
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