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My System Specs


IBM/Lenovo computers do the power cycle (on/off) when AC restored by default.

If it is constantly doing this, my advice is to do a quick visual check the motherboard for any leaking or bulging caps.

If it is only doing this after a proper power button press, it may be confused if you changed the video card from PCI to PCI-E or onboard (some models are dumb and don't know how to autodetect).

Here is my reasoning after working with a ton of dead IBM/Lenovo M series towers recently:

Check if the original PSU's fan spins, as their PSU OEMs usually use cheapo fans and the bearings seize -- T&T is a brand of fans that are used in their Lite-ON PSUs and I've seen many of them fail recently.

If the PSU fan doesn't spin, or if the unit gets really hot (so hot you can smell the burning), it's possible the PSU's caps are going.

If the PSU has been running like this for a long time, the voltages go all out of whack and the VRM on the mobo can get stressed and lead to the caps failing prematurely.

Check the caps near:
- south bridge
- north bridge
- PCI/PCI-E slot for the GPU
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