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Default BOOTMGR is missing. Windows 7 Won't Boot From Disk

Hey guys,

I was playing with my HDD settings and now I get the 'BOOTMGR is missing' error. I put Windows 7 on a disk, but it won't boot from it. It sais 'press any key to boot from CD', but when I do it just gives me the 'BOOTMGR is missing' error again.

I was having trouble downloading a patch for Farcry 3 saying that I had no space, but had 40gb free. The only partition on my Vertex 3 SSD I changed to 'active'. That is really the only thing I changed. I am assuming this is the problem.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I work from this computer and it would really suck if I couldn't get it working for tomorrow. :(

Thanks guys!
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