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solution resolve!

do not blame your ps3 or hdmi cable

i drank a home made ice coffee using petes italian roast to brew giving me boost and confident to resolve this problem. from the back of the ps3 i unplug/replug the HDMI cable and tv screen will say detect hdmi asking you to use it... when you click yes it will say no signal right? you unplug the cable again and replug and it will ask again.... just unplug/replug nonstop till the picture comes out. it took me like 4 unplug/replug then bam! picture came out!

my guess is that modern TV is poor on detecting cable. my 22 inch sharp hdtv is made in around 2007-2008, its one of those first HDTV that came out and my LG 32 inch HDTV is made in around 2010-2011..... so maybe newer HDTV is poor on detecting HDMI cable.

but maybe not. maybe it just HDTV overall that stubborn to detect HDMI cables and that minority chance that some HDTV like my 22 inch Sharp doesnt have a problem detecting everytime i hook it up.
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