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My System Specs


AMD will never be back on top. Intel is far to big and not nearly as retarded as Nvidia has been. Nvidia took the "faster no matter the consequences" approach and AMD/ATI is killing them in the mid-range by giving us some seriously nasty and affordable mid-range cards over Nvidia's over-priced competition. But, Intel offers some serious mid-range horsepower for a cheap price and that is where AMD needs to stay focused. They cannot compete with Intel in the high end. Their "new" architecture was not nearly enough. There is nothing wrong with a good AMD system since they are still quite powerful for 90%+ of the world. You don't need an Intel Quad running 4GHz for anything when it comes down to it. Any way you look at it, until AMD has a MAJOR cash influction or somehow doubles in size, they will be #2 for the foreseable future. Looking at ATI, the #2 spot really is not all that bad when you are poised to outsell #1 now is it?
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