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Default Need some quick assurance before I order replacement part

My friend has an old IBM ThinkCentre M51 which runs on an Intel P4. He said the computer wouldn't turn on anymore, so I decided to pick it up and check it out for him. Automatically I thought PSU before I even touched it. So I tried booting it up for the first time and it actually turned on and everything was normal. I got to the Windows XP loading screen and the computer shut off. By the way, the computer smells like crap when it's turned on. Kind of like a burnt plastic smell? I don't know... I've fried a couple of floppy disk drives in my day but it didn't smell like that. Smell comes from the entire computer, but I think it mainly comes from the power supply.

When I give the PSU power, the computer automatically turns on, the PSU fan will spin for a split second and the computer will turn off again. It will continue in this loop forever until I disconnect power. Anyways, I stuck with my theory and popped my own working power supply in it but the exact same thing happens. While it's looping like this, the I don't smell the smell. SO, I'm guessing the smell really did come from the power supply, because it was only there for the time that the computer stayed on for a few minutes. The fan in the psu probably pushed it into my face...

The only thing I can think of is a dead motherboard. Possibly the CPU but most likely not.

I found the same oem motherboard on ebay for about 30 bucks but I want to see if you guys agree that the motherboard is causing the problem first before I order.

Thanks for reading.
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