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Originally Posted by Signal2Noise View Post
I'll chime in. I recently decided to venture into the world of mechanical gaming keyboards. My first purchase several weeks ago was the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate (non-2013 model) kb. First, the drivers/firmware needed for this keyboard wreaked havoc on my system. With some trial and error I got it working properly. The most annoying thing about the Razer is all the macros & settings are stored on Razer's cloud, called Synapse, so you must have an online account with them and be logged in to get full feature KB functionality. I also did not like the shiny piano-black finish of the keyboard or the character fonts on the keys . So I returned it after a weekend with it.

I was going to pick up the Corsair K90 to try based on reviews but when I saw it in person I thought it looked butt-ugly. I didn't want to turn my desk into some futuristic tank cockpit. Sitting near the K90 @ the store was a keyboard I never saw before, Gigabyte's Aivia Osmium. I asked the compstoredude if he could open it up so I could take a look and when he did I was impressed. I ended up buying it and couldn't be happier with it. Keys are relatively quiet, compared to the Blackwidow, it looks good, feels great, and it's nice having both USB 2 and 3 pass-thru ports on the kb. I highly recommend it if anyone is in the market and haven't considered Gigabyte for keyboards.

thanks man - this was very informative, i'll check out the gigabyte. what switches does it use?

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