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Originally Posted by jaysonkurt View Post
Suggest that you let a technician check your suppressor.
Only way to test a surge protector components involves equipment that is $thousands. Techs rarely have sufficient electrical equipment or information to do that.

Meanwhile a 12 outlet strip function is easily tested. Plug a light bulb in it. If a light bulb glows, then the power strip supplies perfect 100% power. Even if the bulb only glows at 50% intensity, the computer will still power. Power is still sufficient. But a bulb at 50% intensity says the power strip (or what the strip is powered from) is defective. That simple to test.

A glowing light bulb has no relationship to completely different circuits inside (called a surge protector). All protector parts could 100% vaporize. And the power strip must still provide complete power to 12 outlets and the computer.

Only a circuit breaker disconnects power until reset. That circuit breaker is the only function that makes a decision. And has no relationship to surge protector circuits. If a computer is on, then power is 100% sufficient. Only thing to test: did its circuit breaker trip? Any tech or layman can test that.
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