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Default Cheap LCD TV recommendation

hey all,

I'm looking to buy the cheapest TV of reasonable quality* that is at least 40". Currently, this is my pick: Toshiba 40" 1080p LCD HDTV, 2 HDMI, 1 USB, Gaming and Native Mode (40E220U), Toshiba HDTV, SIG Electronics. I intend to pick it up at a local computer shop/Best Buy and just get it pricematched. Actually, I intend on picking up TWO of them ;D.

*quality = durability + features + picture quality

I'm not too sure how TVs actually differentiate; features like DLNA, 120Hz, 3D, thinness have no appeal to me and I refuse to pay extra for them (if 2 TVs share the same price, and one has an extra feature, then I would still take it, of course). Super high-end visual quality is not something that's important, just as long as it's reasonable. A feature I need is wall-mounting for one of the TVs; I am willing to get a different model for the other unit.

Is there anything wrong with this set? or is there a cheaper set? is there a better quality set at the same price?
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