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Originally Posted by dandelioneater View Post
The video settings have to be correct. If you run it at 1080p on one screen and move it to a tv that only can handle 1080i or 720p you'll get a blank screen. You'd have to reset the PS3 as previously posted or go back to screen that worked and lower the resolution. Then plug it into the other screen and reconfigure it properly.
i did that too.

i carry my ps3 back inside the room and install it to the 22 inch sharp tv and reconfigure it by unchecking the 1080p and even 1080i and just leave 720p and 480p(cant uncheck 480p) then shut down then carry it back to the living room. still no work.

i turn the ps3 off inappropriately for like 20, 30 times and i afraid the file will currupt so i decided to take a break.

this is the tv i have LG 26LD350: 26 inch High Definition LCD TV | LG USA but instra dof 26 inch i got the 32 inch.
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