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Default LG LD series HDMI no signal

LG LD series 32 inch...... HDMI no signal

im not alone. PS3 to HDTV through HDMI No Signal - Page 3 - PlayStation® Community Forums

i google so long still no help. any solution?

i have 22 inch sharp hdtv in my room and play ps3 fine with HDMI. i rented blu ray and now want family and friends to watch it too in the living room with bigger tv. i install my ps3 over to the living room with 32 inch LG hdtv and no signal.

current ps3 = first gen slim
old ps3 = fat 40gb

when my fat ps3 still; work i can install it over to the living room fine with hdmi.


have tried:
- when powering up ps3... hold down till second beep then let go
- turn on turn off tv
- switch hdmi 2 to channel to other output then to hdmi still no work
- go back to room turn ps3 and set to custom set display by unabling 1080p

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