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Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
What are you temps, and what are you using to cool?
Well the same cooler as in my sig, accept I recently grabbed the dual pack of the Cougar Hyper spin 120 mm fans as they claimed to have higher static pressure then vs the stock cooler master 1. Also I think my ocz freeze might have gotten old so I grabbed some AS5 with it. Result from the fan swap was a 1c gain cooler temp. ( 31c to 30c @ stock 4 ghz)

These are my numbers in a sub basement enviorment:

Of note i googles for this combo & found a review site thats review was using this board. Apparently on this board or these cpu's they dont require super high voltages .... I think when i 1st set it it was unstable on auto llc, then the site sugested to move it to high which I believe they said should allow up to 4.5 on the multi.
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