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My System Specs

Default Starting to Get it

On my system if I press the delete key while the ASUS logo is on the screen it goes to the BIOS menu, there is a Boot Menu there which lists all my bootable devices and if I click on the hard drive it boots from that one. That used to mean if I chose the Intel SSD it would boot to Windows 7 and if I chose the Kingston SSD it would boot to Windows 8. But since I've reloaded Windows 8 that does not happen anymore? Not sure why, for a while no matter which drive I chose it went directly to Windows 8. I set up the dual boot option in Windows 8 and now it does give me that choice, but the BIOS boot no longer gives me a direct bypass of the menu to the OS of my choice.

So now it does not matter which SSD drive I choose the both go to a DOS like Black (not blue) screen where I can choose either Windows 7 or Windows 8. I've set Win7 as the default because my dear wife uses the PC at times and does not like Win8 after her first effort at it. She just does not think it is worth the effort to learn a new way of navigating the system, so it is simple for her, she just turns on the PC and let it do its thing and eventually it loads Windows 7.

BUT Sometimes this choice does not appear and it boots directly into Windows 8. When this happens I have to go to the command prompt in Win 8 (as administrator) and enter: bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy (Google can deliver wonderful tid bits of interesting information). I have not isolated what has happened for the boot menu policy to change, but something is causing that settting to change and I have t manual reset it every now and then. It's been good for a few days, I've been reinstalling software in Windows 8 after a complete reloading of the OS, so maybe some of the installs re-write that code (who knows why?). But it is a simple enough fix and seems to work for at least a while.

I did google up the Virtual Machine idea, apparently that can be done within Win8 now. "The Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise versions include the Hyper-V virtual machine manager that was originally built into Windows Server." I'll be looking a little more into that feature. And post my experience with that.

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