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Anyways this is the final setup i twisted the sata cables a trick i found out from Captain Vortex, i like it.

This has been an interesting experience with this case ive mentioned a lot of pros and cons and to conclude i give this case a rating of 7.5/10 there has been a lot of improvement from the original Cosmos but
I found the weight too much for me this might not effect some people but i found the weight of this case unacceptable this is just a personal thing with me id have liked it if it was a little lighter.
The Price of this case is also pretty high but being able to mount a triple rad on the inside justifies it as the closet spacious case to this Cosmos S i think would be the Antec 1200.
The back fins does not let a rad-box be mounted and having planned this mount in the begining phase i was rather dissapointed.
The fans from the case were all replaced as i have Noctua Nf-p12 and an Antec Spot cool fan i found the Coolermaster fans to be louder then these fans. I mounted the Thermaltake Icage fan on the Coolermaster hard drive bay.
The Side panel with the fan reaches too far in i have seen some other cases where the large 200mm fan is a bit further out of the case this leaves more space inside the case for aircoolers and would help for watercooling.

The case is huge and awesome this might not be where i place everything as there is plenty of space to switch things up inside your case.
The case is also good for Cable mangement out of all the cases i have owned this has been the the easiest for me to try routing cables.
The ability to mount a triple radiator is awesome, Also the hard drive bay supplied lets you put 4 hard drives.
Case holes are covered with a mesh to increase dust control so i appreciate that as my room gets very dusty.

So would i recommend this case to someone else??? Probably not if you like a large case specially for watercooling then go for it. There can be many more improvements to this case and its been a plesant experience working with the case i havent got any cuts. Soo i hope my review has helped anyone thinking of purchasing this case if you can accept all the cons of the case then you will definetely like this case as it has a lot of potential.
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