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As i said in my first post, in all that time you didnt contact me first, i had to contact you. The onus is on you if you cant ship within a certain amount of reasonable time. Let me know, give me options. Nothing.

You asked me if i wanted you to ship the hard drives and not wait for the led strip parts. I said yes, i need the drives. You instead waited a few more days, didnt ship as you said you would, you waited til the led strip parts came it. Still you didnt ship, i had to get after you.

With all this is it any wonder i dont trust your word.
As i said above, i cant prove anything else, but i wonder and i doubt. And thats what i said. I just dont trust you.
I dont want this to turn into pages of this and that. I do have all the pms that will support what i said about the shipping and no contact, you already agreed to that.
So the only other issue is what i said, i have doubts as listed above. I said i cant prove anything and i didnt say you did this or that, i said you could have and i dont trust you, thats all i said.
I wont back down from what i said, the hard drive packaging looks, to me, like someone re-wrapped the drives with whatever bag was available or simply left lots of room, no big deal. Its just that i have my suspicions. Thats what they are, suspicions. I never once accused, i said it could be. And again, had i read that part about a certified repaired drive i certainly wouldnt have bought it at any price.

In the end its all about trust here and i dont trust you. I mainly wanted to alert others about your poor communications, promises to ship the hard drives separately but not shipping them, instead waiting for the other parts to come in and shipping all together. That being said i began to have other doubts, but i cant prove anything except about the shipping, i have all the pms on that.
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