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well SKY, like the honorable Ron Burgandy once said:

" I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. People know me."

Your reviews are yours. Mainly the reason we are quoted, linked and shown on so many sites is because of you. I see links to your stuff, (which is mentioned is yours, by you) on all different sites. People know your stuff and with my grade 12 law class I believe that what is yours is yours by right and no one else has the authority to use your reviews without your say. It's not like, as I quoted above, your not a big deal. In fact you are, people will not let this stand because of how you stand in the community.
You SKY are my Ron Burgandy, and I would follow you to any news team (or HWC team) rumble you would be in.

(btw, I hope you guys have seen Anchorman or I feel pretty awkward right now...)

You stay classy HWC
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