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Default our deal

seems the itrader not working. I want to print this so others will know.

to bigFOIG
Im not happy with our deal. I purchased nov 22, did emt right away, had to prod you with pms to get you to ship december 6th, 2 weeks later and no pms from you, i had to pm you!
You shipped on 6th, i received on 7th, only part of the deal that was good. I think you added in your thread that the 2tb h drive was repaired. Notebook hard drives i bought supposedly new in wrapper i see the wrapper is larger than usual. You may have access to sealer & bags, sealed them yourself so you could advertise as new. Not happy with you. you know i can prove everything about nov 22 to dec 6 as its all in pms. No, I cant prove the hard drive accusations but i see you have edited your thread. I just dont trust you as i had to bug you to ship. Finally i got my goods! I paid in minutes and waited 2 weeks. After pm prodding you tell me a story the 12v connectors for led strips arent in, should you ship tjust the hard drives, i said yes, ship the hard drives, the led thing can wait, but you didnt ship them! You waited til connectors came in. Not honest there so i cant trust what you say. Very dissappointing deal here with you.
I have never complained like this but i think my complaints are warranted.

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