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Originally Posted by GregH View Post

Watched that budget wiz stream the other day. How the hell did he manage to snag a 3 socket Tal's armour for only ~500k? I imagine prices inflated a little after that stream, but I grabbed one BEFORE the stream and could only get one socket for that price - 3 socket ones were all 1.5m or more.
ON the bright side though, all my jewelry, gloves etc with IAS & CC that have been sitting in my stash due to them not selling are now selling like hotcakes :)

I do like my N52 for that CMWW build - just hit a button to repeatedly cast the spammable spells then hit it again to stop once everything is dead.
I think I do need more resists/LoH/HP though as I still seem to die randomly for no apparent reason.
I think for budget builds, todd's been raiding the legacy market...

LOH is really key for the CM wiz. once you have enough attack speed to keep things frozen, the LOH procs so quickly with WW. I think once I find/get a mempo for my wizard, it'll be perfect.

yea.. I was able to flip a few items I had when I started each particular character's builds.. (mostly barb off hands).. and were able to flip them for double to triple what I originally paid for them.
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