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Originally Posted by Father Fuzzy View Post
Great build.. looks so clean
nice job on the sleeving
and some great photo's too
those sata power cables are tough to do glad to see you got through it
Thanks Fuzzy!

I'll have to do a proper shoot one day.. those where taken pretty quickly without a tripod or anything so hopefully I'll get time to do one soon. That's weird I found the sata power cables to be jsut as easy as the others. I actually made 3 seperate cables with only a connector at the end just so that I did not have to mess with sleeve around those 90 degrees connectors (like it was last year). The downside of that is that now my power supply is fully taken

And yeah im suprised how clean I could make it considering there is pretty much no cable management possible and that the case is much smaller than your average mid tower. The top mounted PSU sure helped a lot.

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