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With the Christmas season right around the corner, I figured I might as treat myself to some new cans and a soundcard. I'm sad to say it, but I have no experience w/ high end cans and soundcards. I have used onboard audio and cruddy headphones my whole life.

I am pretty much set on my soundcard, the Xonar Essence ST. (I am limited by the PCI interface, as I've used all of my PCIE slots.)

As for the cans I have a 250 USD dollar budget, although nothings wrong w/ spending less. My list so far - very open to change - (Headset must be new, just one of my silly things.)
AKG Q701's
Sennheiser HD 555
Sennheiser HD 558
Sennheiser HD 598

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks.
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