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Microsoft is a very large company and consequently, but not always, the decision making process from inception to market takes a long time. Unfortunately so does recovering from mistakes. Their "In All Markets One Size Fits All" attitude with Win8 and Metro is IMHO a very big mistake. Anyone irrespective of their size who wants to get in the Mobile market, tablet pc or cellphones, today faces a steep uphill battle to even match the incumbents, Ios & Android, let alone beat them at their game. The Microsoft name hold much less sway in these markets then I think Microsoft themselves even realized. Nokia has also dropped off severely since an Ex Microsoft exec took control and bet the farm on Windows phones. The Surface tablet while being a nice product falls short in both form and function of the Ipad and higher end Android Tablets such as the Asus Transformer Infinity, latest sSamsung products and Google's own Nexus 10 while having a price that does not inspire.

Microsoft is in need a a big dose of "Reality Check" and start seeing the market from the eyes of those who would use their products, not those who would have us use their products.
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