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Very interesting report Abyss, very interesting.

Anyway update time. Tuesday Night I set about doing some initial prep work on the system. Unboxing the case, installing the drives etc.

Last night everything came together. I started by mounting the H60 cooler on the board using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean and then Arctic Silver 5 as thermal. I wanted to use Ceramique or Ceramique2 but there isn't any in Edmonton it seems. Then I pretty much installed and connected everything. The night ended with me hooking it up to my big screen tv via hdmi and testing a start up. Good news, I didn't F anything up and it starts fine and sounds great.

Well I F'ed one thing up, I forgot to put the I/O shield plate thing in before mounting the Motherboard, so now I will look for a way to mount it WITHOUT having to unmount the motherboard, yeah Im lazy like that, wanna fight about it?

Anyway, tonight hopefully I will get Win7 installed. As you can see in the photos, I am a cable management noob, so I think I need to work on the cleanliness of my cables a bit, mostly I need more zip ties to replace the twist ties that are in there and to add to the sturdiness of the cable bundles. Ended up fighting a bit with the length of certain cables, may not be picture perfect even in the end, but no window no cry, as long as the cables are secure and not all over the place I am fine with it.

Some of you might notice that I have the H60 pushing exhaust instead of the recommended pushing intake. Well heres the deal. The case currently has 3 fans. The one on the H60 and the two in the front of the case. I am a big believer in positive pressure, and so having the H60 as intake would mean turning the two front fans around to exhaust. That would be neg pressure and leaving those 2 as intake would hurt the rad performance as the fan would be fighting to push air into a high pressure area.
The truth is that I mean to replace the stock H60 fan with 2 better replacements, in fact I bought fans already, except that while looking for fans I was thinking two things;1: 2x120mm fans for the H60, pwm 2: 1x140mm fan for exhaust at the top of the case. I ended up walking away from the store with 2x140mm PWM fans, albeit great ones (thermalright TY-140's) Anyway, I have to take those back and get replacements but I am thinking of seeing how she performs and sounds with what I have installed now.

The other thing I still need to get is a way to connect to the internet. Normally I would want a wired connection but wiring to the final location of my rig will be very tough. It will be on the second floor in a totally finished home. So Wireless it is. Powerline would be nice but its pricey and not sure on how good it is.
So this is where it sits, and hopefully by Friday Night it will be up and running fully.
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