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Originally Posted by BeaverBender View Post
"Somehow, even with the competition regularly breathing down their necks, Dell has managed to remain the go-to source for quality monitors. Regardless of whether gaming, image editing or movies is the focus of a purchase, chances are Dell will have something that either meets or exceeds expectations."

I would disagree with the premise of this opening statement in the review. I certainly wouldn't go to Dell for a number of top quality applications. I provide advice on a lot of equipment for the health care industry for example, and I would never choose a Dell monitor for their high-end applications... Only manufacturers like NEC and Barco can meet the exacting demands there. Even for image editing, I wouldn't use Dell, especially if I want proper colour matching... Again NEC would be a far better choice, as would LaCie.
You are comparing apples to oranges. The review and this site in general is dedicated to mass market products available in the retail channel unless otherwise specified (example: WD RE, Intel 700 / 3400 SSD, etc.). You are comparing institution-class items that typically cost several thousand dollars with products that people buy for home and small office use. For their intended market (consumer / small & medium business), there's no doubt in my mind that Dell is the manufacturer of choice and the quality of their monitor offerings is among the best.

In addition, I am not sure where exactly your claim of Dell not meeting the expectations of the healthcare system comes in. Siemens almost exclusively uses Dell monitors in conjunction with their clinical imaging solutions, as does GE.

As for the higher end professional fields, LaCie and NEC may offer (SLIGHTLY) higher performing solutions but they are ultra expensive. Comparing Dell's solutions to those is like comparing a $1000 Ultrabook's performance to that of a $3000 Alienware M18x.
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