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So, thanks to 10e I have also made the jump to the FX series of chips finaly ... more specificaly the 8350.

So far i can say the following about it:

- Runs cooler @ stock 4 ghz 1.32v idle (32c) vs my 1090T @ 4 ghz 1.45v (39c) as well as at load (38c vs 45c).

- Game preformance has increased (specificaly in wot's average fps went from 20-30 fps max settings @ 1080 to 30-60 fps on the FX)

- winrar preforming unzips/unrar's slightly faster on the fx vs X6

These are again based in a "mega tasking" enviorment- wmp12 playing or paused on music, 2 im's, skype, ventrilo, foxfire with 1 tab & 3 instances of IE 9 with 2-7 tabs at a time going.

I havent bothered to clock higher yet & am working on some numbers to post.

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