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I was always in the habit of pinning often used programs to the Windows XP/7 taskbar or the start menu favourites. I was just getting used to using the start menu search bar to find less used (or even hidden) applications and utilities. So, I wasn't using the start menu that often. I found myself being irritated mousing through several nested panes (XP) or scrolling (Win7) through the program files. The Metro UI is basically a really big taskbar. In fact, better since I can group my apps and customize the layout to suit my habits. I don't miss desktop icons. And I only have to start typing to immediately find other applications.

It does boot extremely fast. Driver support is very good. The new task manager and performance tools are fantastic. I dropped installed a wireless card, and the Win8 drivers loaded seamlessly in the background. Task manager showed me real-time wireless network speeds so I could easily diagnose connection problems.

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