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Originally Posted by headsh0t View Post
Not to be a dick, but there is one of these threads once a week. See if you can use search to find one of the many threads asking this question.
Well considering you can find this: "Thread Hijacking - Start your own thread if you wish to direct a new conversation" in the rules, I'd say that if he doesn't find an answer that is specific to his system and needs it's perfectly fine to create a new post.

As for searching, you might find something that could be useful to you. My question would be what are YOUR needs? Will you be using headphones? Are your primary sound needs with games, music, movies? Are you going to hook up a surround system to it? The more specific you get the more we can help, when you have general questions that's when people are going to say search for an answer.

I have the same debate going on for me right now as well, from what I have seen, the better headphones you have the more of a need you have for a sound card because of use of power and amps for the headphones and clarity, boost, etc. Plus it depends on what sort of on-board sound you have.

Originally Posted by SugarJ View Post
Here's the latest discussion we had on it a couple weeks ago. Do I need a soundcard? (My specs are included)

The RIVE has probably the best onboard sound you can get in the market. Unless you are looking to drive some high resistance headphones, or some Klipsch Promedia 2.1's, your money might be better spent elsewhere. However, if you do get into discrete sound cards and better audio, there's no going back. (on my 4th sound card, 5th set of headphones, and 2nd set of 5.1 speakers).
Ironically enough that's my post LOL
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