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Also as I already said, the drop to the 660TI was to save cash and it saved me about $120 minimum. Also, its already in my possession so there is no turning back. If I had the cash, I would have gone for the 670. And actually if I had understood crossfire vs sli better I probably would have considered AMD a bit harder on the graphics side of things; the whole different vs. identical cards thing.

Last night I picked up the new case, and got it opened up. Installed the power supply, SSD, HD, and DVD. I will tell you one thing, that case is sturdy. I haven't built a system in a number of years but I was very very impressed with the quality of the panels etc. I think the last time I built it was when Aluminium cases were a hot new item or something, flimsy pos. Also glad to go no window this time. Windows are a young mans game in my opinion.

Also this was my first time intalling an SSD, I knew they were small but I was honestly not prepared for how small they are, wow.
Tonight its going to be the fun stuff, mounting the new cooler, mounting the motherboard, cable routing etc.
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