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Default Maybe thats What I do?

Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I multiboot my systems using the old fashioned method of installing the OSes on their own bootable drives and then using the BIOS alternate boot device option to select soemthing other than the default. It saves messing around with chaining boot loaders, and boot loader order etc. While it does require the BIOS option, and is perhaps not the most elegant solution, it does work without boot loader hassles.

Mind you, I find virtual machines even less of a hassle (once set up and operational) and more convenient.
So much to learn.

I have two O.S.'s each on their own SSD. When my system turns on I get a blue screen that looks like the old DOS screen and can choose either Windows 7 (default) or Windows 8 (or Memory Test which shows up at the bottom of the screen).

I am not sure what the "BIOS alternative boot device option" is but I'll take a look see in my BIOS for that.

And I have no idea what you mean by a "chaining boot loaders" or their hassles, nor a "virtual machine" with even less hassle.

Mine just works.

I've just re-installed my Win8 OS so have a clean drive to work from now. I had filled the 120 GB SSD and was getting 2203 error codes which I could not seem to get around. This time I go slow and back up the system after each major change.

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